Does anyone else buy you underwear?

My gf bought me some new underwear yesterday. I didn’t ask her to, although I had mentioned I could use a few more pairs so I could rotate out some older ones.

Not sure how I feel about it. She’s not my mum.


Are we counting socks?

If not, then no.

Wouldn’t mind some new socks (black) if anyone fancies it. Never get socks for Xmas, always kinda need some.

We are not counting socks.

Speaking of which, my gf’s parents got me some sports socks for my birthday. Which is…ok?

Ffs, you could at least read the first post m8

Didn’t even think of socks until you mentioned 'em. ROD FOR YOUR OWN SOCK, MATE!


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Alright Flea

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yep, my mum does for some reason. whenever I go back home there’s new stuff.

Good god, no.
I am a granny pant wearing I’m afraid so if my bf bought me some lacy girly shit i’d be having serious chats. He wouldn’t do that though.

I have bought my bf Calvin Kliens but only for christmas as a stocking filler.

Pack of boxers and socks is standard stocking filler from mum at Christmas.

^bf wears stockings over his Calvins
Each to their own I s’pose

Is this the sock thread?

I buy my own socks.

Hell no

Yes, whenever my bf goes home, he always brings me back cheap underwear with strange names, like Galileo and Lisca, the latter is made in Melania Trump’s hometown