Does anyone else 'dream' compose music?


I sometimes have dreams where I’m composing music in my head and I can actually ‘hear’ it then try to write down a description of it so I can recreate it/write the score. think cause I was teaching my bf how to work out the time signature of a song last night… I was able to ‘hear’ different parts and in new instruments and sounds and it was like I had some choice over it. make me wonder if what I was hearing/my brain thought it was hearing actually was that music, like if it wasn’t just imagining it, and if it would be possible to recreate it, or if this is a way other people have written music before… hmmmm interessant.


I’ve never done this.

My dreams are usually insanely mundane.




I once wrote the greatest song in the world during a dream and couldn’t remember it when I woke up.

I think in hindsight I was listening to too much Tenacious D at the time.


Tried to compose something with the yesterdays google doodle but it didn’t have all the notes, so I just made all the notes on the grid play for all the instruments and set the tempo to 500 bpm


not done it for a while, but my brain always used to just come up with music, in dreams or daydreams.


Didn’t Macca dream Yesterday? Wrote it down when he woke up?

I’ve been arranging loads of stuff for brass band recently so I’m dreaming about instrumentation a lot. I find it really fun dissecting songs – picking out all the individual parts and working out how it all fits together.


Yeah quite often but it’s always to complex to work out


It’s annoying, I’m quite good at thinking of music, can just sit back and and hear it play, but the moment I try and try and work it out on an instrument it dissipates, wonder if I learnt music theory properly I’d be able to just write it down


yeah I can read/write/transpose music but the stuff I was hearing in my dream last night I’ve just totally forgotten and it was really good :slightly_frowning_face:


I used to get ideas in work and write them down. I have quite a well-honed way of noting down specific sounds and feelings from having ideas all the time but no way to record them.

I’ve not gotten around to recording anything yet, though, apart from scratchy guitar demos. need to get on with it (Corbyn).


No, but I’ve written a book in a dream before… like, I was reading it from a page, but I was inventing it at the same time - in some weird flow where I was helping create what was coming next but also just consuming it?


who/what did it sound like? what kind of instruments? can you remember anything? or is it all totally


I have dreams where I’m am sitting in wonder just listening to really amazing music but as soon as I wake up I can’t remember a thing about it.


I’ve got the music memos app that you can record little ideas on, the idea was to sing ideas into it (normally just the melody is enough to jog my memory for the rest) to remember them, idea falls down as I’m too self conscious to sing, except in my car, I should set it up in my car


Getting on with it is surprisingly difficult, I managed about 10 minutes of music last year and that was a personal best


insane in the mundane
mundane sleeping brain!


‘Liked’ this out of habit, it’s actually quite bad.


delighted with this tbh


Yes, happens quite often. Usually in the dream I’m playing in a band struggling to play the song and then I wake up and realise my mind made it all up.