Does anyone else really love listening to live radio?

If so, what do you regularly tune in to? Wouldn’t mind investigating some new stuff. Excluding podcasts, unless they’re live shows as well, etc.

Reckon it’s probably my favourite hobby. Just seriously relaxing, eh? Sometimes I just sit in the dark for hours with the radio on.

Tend to listen to:

Smooth Radio - most mornings.

5Live - TMS, Monday Night Club, Bunce, Elis and John, Kermode and Mayo (RIP)

6Music - Lauren, Cerys, Hughie, Guy Garvey, Iggy Pop


Radio 2, because I am very boring. No other station plays that much Hall and Oates though, so what am I supposed to do?

I honestly unironically love Radio 2


Love the radio on when I’m doing something else - driving, cooking, brushing my teeth etc.

6music, Radio 4 and 4 extra.

Never just put it on a sit down listen to it though. I’d always put a record on instead.

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Gilles Peterson is good imo


Love it and kinda love phone ins but seemingly all talk radio stations are just political now. I used to love listening to Iain Lees shows when I was younger.

6music in the morning and KEXP in the afternoon for me at the moment.

Something very nice about listening to 4am radio just after lunch