Does anyone ever watch those dr pimple popper videos or stuff like that?

I just watched this. It’s a bit long but peaks at the 8 min mark for pure satisfaction.


:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


i do not watch these or stuff like that

They’re pretty satisfying and gross

i wish you all be the best!

I find these quite fascinating but have to say that I prefer the big pus ooze/explosion type to the patiently eeked out blackhead ones

My tv thinks I should have been a doctor or something because I appear to be 100% immune to any kind of body grossness …which is nearly right, there are some smells I’m not a fan of but I can watch this kind of thing all day

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I love that ear one! It was awesome to watch. I wish I knew someone with ears like that!


I can watch stuff like this all day long. Tonsil stone removal as well - I like to see how my fellow sufferers are getting on.

Started watching. :fearful::fearful: No I don’t enjoy those things…

Got a spot inside my ear atm

that is simultaneously awesome and awful

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My partner loves stuff like this, so I’ve sent her the link.

She’s also a fan of popping my spots :confused:

oh ffs why i am here

Is this a reply to me?


I don’t get it

i find the idea of someone popping someone elses spots to be quite unpleasant

Oh right. FWIW I find the sensation of having my spots popped not particularly pleasant either.

Not a real doctor


Yeah love it. saw a good ear wax one the other day