Does anyone have a designer at work who's really bad?

Like it seems like they’re actually colour blind (really saturated colours all the time) and don’t even seem to have an eye for it at all (hardly any padding around things that clearly need more padding, overly long line lengths for text).

This is despite being the ‘creative manager’ and having worked in design for about 20 years. Drives me mad.

We’ve just spent a ton of money and time on a rebrand and now it looks like we work for a breast cancer charity (it’s a property company). I heard several other members of staff also say it looks exactly like this too so if all us proles came to that conclusion why didn’t the professional designers and brand consultants, and the business owners/managers? Terrible design.

I think some are good at chatting shit.

I have to listen to our one chat shit in client meetings where he puts on this conscientious voice and says all the right things about their ‘message’ and stuff and I’m sitting there thinking fucking hell have you even seen your own work?