Does anyone here have a cold shower everyday?

  • Yes
  • No

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I have one “some days”

Do you want to guess what I’m drinking?

Shower water

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Not yet

Do you want to have cold showers everyday to reap the benefits of cold water therapy?

  • Yes but cold showers are horrible
  • Nah don’t care

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You’d think a cold shower would stop you sweating when it’s hot right? Nah, does it fuck.

Having a cold shower counts even if you have the hot tap on a little tiny bit but its mainly cold tap?

The answer to this was half a teaspoon of baking powder disolved in a glass of water btw

Is this a taskmaster task or something

Yeah it just needs to be cold enough to make you go :hushed: I reckon and make your breathing rate go up

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I have my shower set at the perfect temp and worry that ffucking about with a cold blast would ruin this perfect temperature idyll

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Nah, man. Just suffering a touch of the ol’ heartburn is all

Ladies and gentleman… I can’t believe I’m saying this. Flown in from the Netherlands especially to be here with us tonight, put your hands together and give a warm welcome to the one and only… MR WIM. HOF!!


Ah sorry man. Heartburn is naff as.

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snow boss GIF by VICE Media Spain


Wim-wimminy, wim-wimminy, wim wim, wimoo, we’ve got Wim Hof and he don’t say atchoo!

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Did anyone watch the celebrities with Wim Hof thing that was on recently? Feel like me and fappable were the only people in the country that watched it.

Patrice Evra was on it

Sometimes feel like I get affected by cold water more than your average person. I absolutely dread getting into a swimming pool for example.