Does anyone here have experience with rats in their house?

Think I’ve found a bunch of rat droppings in my attic.

I called a pest control place for advice but apparently they can’t go into people’s houses because of covid.

My brother says he will bring me some rat poison but I feel bad using it. Don’t suppose I have much choice.

Not rats just squirrels, which are pretty similar to rats on the scheme of things.

Hope you can get it sorted Bam

any advice?

I feel a bit scared and also guilty. Don’t really know what to do, just hoping I haven’t picked up any horrible diseases from hoovering

how’d you feel about getting a cat? i think it’s generally considered the best solution



Get rid of anything they could eat. They’ll soon disappear to somewhere there is food.

We had rats in our garden for a while. They came after we hung up a bird feeder and we saw them munching on it from the kitchen window. We got rid of the bird feeder and haven’t seen any rats since.

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I had rats in my loft. Trust me when I say if you have active rats in your loft you will know all about it, they make A LOT of noise. The council came out and put poison down and that got rid of them. I didn’t feel bad, they were chewing through all sorts and I would’ve felt worse if I’d ignored it and it resulted in a fire.

One thing you can do is search for how they’ve got into the house. Normally it will be a vent covering that has come loose or something similar.


what kind of noise do you mean? Sometimes I hear creaky floorboards but that’s probably not rats right?

Do you hear squeaking and scurrying about etc?

don’t think I have anything they would want to eat, unless they are eating the insulation

Like screeching, or a metallic chewing sound. they like to keep their teeth sharp and will chew on anything

wow you can actually hear the chewing?

Had them in our house in Ireland as a kid. My dad bought strychnine(!) which he poisoned them with.

Had one die under our floorboards last Xmas. The smell was awful.

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seems more common than I thought, I’m probably not going to die then?

You would hear them scurrying and scratching. It would be an unmistakable sound.


Probably not :smiley:


Depends on where they are, but yeah, it’s horrible.

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i’m gonna fix that rat

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thanks that puts my mind at ease a bit, maybe it’s a mouse then :man_shrugging:

You would still hear mice. Droppings will stick around for a long time.

Govt. Guidance on tradespeople says they can if they don’t have symptoms, maintain 2ms social distancing and wash hands when they’ve arrived.
They could make an argument that exterminators would fall under sanitisatiom and possibly be key workers.

You should try another company.

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