Does anyone here have experience with rats in their house?

These job requirements are getting ridiculous


If you aren’t finding evidence of rats in the rest of the house, they probably haven’t been there (yet). Even if there were rats in your house i think you’d be the first person to get a disease from hoovering


problem is these are the people the council site says to call and you can get a free treatment once every 12 months.

Have put some pellets down now and will have to see what develops

could post you my cat, borrow him for a bit? he’s a professional, minimal fuss.


Payment 250g of Dreamies.


Hopefully next door’s can make itself useful, it’s forever mooching about in our garden anyway

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i’ll take em off your hands for a tenner. final offer.


Hang on, has nobody made a “there’s a rat in me kitchen, what am I gonna do?” joke yet?

Soz japes

what if next door’s cat eats a poisoned rat and it kills the cat?!?!

I’ve moved the stuff now and put a biscuit down to see if anything bites. I don’t want to endanger people’s pets :frowning:

Yeah, my ex :joy: :joy:

(would echo what others have said about you’ll have heard if you’ve got them)

You can stop rodents getting in by filling holes with filler, caulk, wire wool, expanding foam, etc. Some rats might eat through the latter.

There’s not a lot you can do about them being in the cavity walls or a loft/attic so far as i know, not on a budget anyway. I’ve got one at the minute. They get into the cavity walls via some nearby garages. They’re pretty loud. Keep finding socks and pairs of gruds in weird places with huge holes gnawed in them.

I wouldn’t poison them, tbh. There aren’t many smells worse than a dead rat.

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I’m just worried about them eating electrical cables

My attic is a state, don’t think it’s been touched since we moved years ago, no boards in most of it and no light, feel like it’s actively dangerous to go too far inside and I’m shit at DIY. Bad situation I guess. Thanks for your info though!

It’s rank. And hangs around for ages.

Have you asked UB40?