Does anyone here have one of these?

Anyone here got one of these contactless business card thingies?

Like these?

Do they work properly? Any issues? Any better options/prices than these?

This could be a zero reply thread, in which case you could use this thread to crowd source opinions on things that you are thinking of trying out

Or not, you decide

Gotta be metal if you get one

Was thinking bamboo, but the laser etched metal might be cool

I would want that for my etsy shop, looks good! But do they need an app downloaded or will it transmit to any phone regardless?

Any phone with nfc capability which is most newish ones

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Seems like a very elaborate way to tell people that I’m boring, reckon I’ll just talk to them about my various interests instead

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Surprised there doesn’t seem to be an app that lets you do this from phone to phone.

Part of the problem would be that Apple won’t talk to Android, so maybe this gets around it. If you want apple to apple you can just share a contact via airdrop, no?

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When we all just learn to get along

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Ah, ok. I thought NFC was universal, a la Bluetooth.

But then where does it store the info? NFC is the driveway, where’s the garage? Hehe