Does anyone here know Meryl Streep?

I need to get in contact with her about something

Yeah I do actually

Could you DM me her details please?

Oh sorry, Meryl Streep. I thought you said Meryl Street. I don’t know Meryl Streep.

Ah not to worry, thanks anyway

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Yeah, but she’s told me she knows what it is about and it is most definitely not respectful or even vaguely likely.



Wait, what? What did she tell you it would be about!?

One of my colleagues says Meryl Streep’s son used to go out with her mate’s daughter while he was at uni in Glasgow.

That might be handy…

She told me nothing. Just to pass on the rejection and the reason.

Please respect her privacy at this time.

Well that’s disappointing but thanks for passing that on nonetheless.

@moderators can you close this one down please?

Janet Streep-Porter

I think Meryl should make that decision herself