Does anyone here not really like music that much to be honest?


Just wondering.

  • I’d say that I do indeed like music
  • Not that fussed

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I do like music but tbh I like films and listening to audio books/podcasts more.


I like music but I don’t think I’d be that gutted if someone said I had to stick with all the music I already know from this point on.


Not really arsed any more tbqh


I would say it is possibly the only good thing


are we talking other than Mark Kozelek?


Like music but absolutely no interest in gigs. Haven’t been to a gig in years.


Tell you what I’m not arsed with: films.


Would you go as far as to say that you are “drowned” in “sound”?

  • Yes I would, Kent
  • Staaaahp

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no he can vote too if signs up for an account


dad joke!


don’t really like film or tv. I watched the sopranos and breaking bad what’s the point in wasting more time on that medium


think you’ll all find this is a very normal part of the middle-ageing process :frowning:
Y’know how none of yer ma’s listened to anything when you were young


I’m not as bothered as I used to be, and don’t go to as many gigs as I used to, but I still like music and listen all day at work.

I used to post a lot on a Football Manager forum, but mainly posted in music threads. Here it’s the reverse.


this is a really depressing thought


My Mum liked Dr Hook, We Wet Wet and The Beautiful South


I thought I was heading this way, but I turned back the tide. that kind of live wouldn’t be worth living, for me.


There was some Spotify stat that reckoned 32 or 33 was the average age people stopped listening to much new music and stuck to the music of their youth until they died.

Reckon it’s like any hobby though, you need to actively make time for it.




yeah thank god for Mark Kozelek eh?