Does anyone know how to stop facebook sending friendaversary messages?

Just had a FB Messenger message pop up from my deceased mother, who the fuck decided to move this feature over to Facebook messenger?!??!! And I have no idea how to turn them off, don’t want to ever experience this shit again.

Oh Holy hell.

Preferences to the right of your header image. You can add your mum in there. Or turn off notifications altogether.

Sorry they’ve put you through this mate :frowning: x


It appears to be disabled already as its asking me to enable them. This friendaversary stuff seems to be separate from memories.

Ha, that’s bullshit. Fuck you Zuckerberg.

They are the shittest things ever

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Absolutely horrible feature of that stupid site. So sorry this has happened to you- it must make you feel really shaken and triggered xxx

Yeap it knocked me for 6, I’ve only just calmed down. I’ve had a long history of GAD and Depression and dont do too well with emotional stuff. If it were a notification I dont think it would’ve hit at all but to have a message alert pop up was crushing, mainly because there was that split second where it hadn’t registered what was going on.

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It is just awful, disorientating and desperately hopelessly sad. I hope you’re ok. Sending hugs xxx