Does anyone know where I can get some good Blackout Curtains?

feel like this plea might go unheard, I’m not sure anyone on here knows anything about blackout curtains

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(Correct answer: Dunelm)

I too am in the market for some Blackout Curtains. In fact, it seems to be all anyone is talking about lately, they’re really getting popular!

Recently got a load of curtains hand made, by what I like to call “the curtain pimp”. She has been amazing, and we got her to go in hard on the blackout elements. Bloomin brilliant, and way cheaper than having bespoke ones made from, say, John Lewis.

Look in your local paper as there will be someone I bet.

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anyone remember this bunch of chancers?

starting to feel bad now

I’m just being an arse - please don’t make the effort to actually type a helpful response DIS regulars

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Let it happen man, once you create a thread it no longer belongs to you, it belongs to the world


Yes. A friend of mine saw them live when they toured over here earlier this year. He enjoyed it…

@anon32406580 has a business making handmade blackout curtains I believe :+1:

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wow _ I had no idea they were still going

I saw them in the early 90s at the town and country club - before they came on the sound person played the whole of Nevermind (which had just come out) over the PA and the crowd were moshing to it like crazy. The album got a more enthusiastic response than the band

This is correct. And I can confirm @grievoustim’s local branch (Shoreham-by-Sea) has recently been refurbished. It is now resplendent with a cafe and everything (no, of course I wouldn’t consume anything from it)

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My sister works in Shoreham if you all fancy meeting up at the cafe?

If we are all derailing…

yesterday my wife came home full of the joys of spring as someone she works with has picked up a couple of shifts in the evenings in co-op for some extra cash. She said they still had stocks of the old Ribena.

Cut to this morning and turns out it is the new Ribena which my wife has had to pay full price for even though they are only £1.24 a pop in tezzas at the moment!

I’ve never even heard of this shop. It looks very glamorous

this is terrible news. what a blow for her

Haha, what a shithole. The Dunelm near me is new and looks fairly decent.

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I think you’ll like it. The car park is absolutely perilous. It’s just next to the skate park if you wanna bring a BMX?

I popped over to shoreham this morning - feel like I missed an opportunity

a big one at that