Does anyone like planning journeys?


And if so, do you want to try and help me plan out one?

My parents are visiting at the weekend for my daughter’s birthday party. They’re driving up from Wales to London. Because it can take as long to drive from the M25 to where I live in south east London (Brockley) as it does to drive from Wales to the M25, they have decided to drive most of the way, then catch a train. Previously, they have done this from Slough, which requires a roughly 20 min train journey from Slough to Paddington, then a series of Tube journeys to Brockley. I’m convinced there must be a better way, potentially involving Waterloo rather Paddington. Any ideas?




The tube doesn’t run to Brockley :wink:




I don’t really understand the issue with driving here - surely it’s the quickest way? What time are they driving at?


Waterloo or Clapham Junction would be a much better bet for the Jubilee/Overground or Southern/Overground final leg than Paddington.


Just tell them to drive it


That’s what I think, but I’m trying to work out how to get them there. I thought Windsor was better than Slough but it takes like an hour to get from Windsor to Waterloo.


this sounds like a very parent thing to do

my parents drive into Brighton via a crazy route. No idea why but they are set in their ways


They’ve tried many times and it can take like two hours from getting off the M4 to getting to my flat, and my dad reckons his car doesn’t do well in low gears for long stretches.






Move to west London


I’ve literally just checked the relative heights above sea level of our homes to be pedantic and it turns out they’re 5 metres higher, so I guess they’re technically driving down to London.


Get fucked.


something flippant about south london

can they train travel all the way?


Would take ages and cost a fortune.


Do they try to get in via the South Circular? If so tell them not to do that, stay on the M25 and come through Croydon.

Basically no easy way to get to Clapham without diverting a fair way off the M4.


Yeah they usually try the South Circular and always have issues, the M25 makes sense but it’s so prone to fuck ups and tailbacks my dad doesn’t trust it.


Are they bound to travelling at a particular time? Middle of the day or after rush hour should be pretty easy driving conditions.