Does anyone remember a band called Elle S'appelle (07-09ish)?

Pretty sure this is one of the best songs of any genre of that decade…


Yeah! Really liked them and have this on 7”.

Spoke with the someone high up in Moshi Moshi at one of those Independent Label Market things in either 2012 or 2013 - he was surprised I mentioned them and said something like; it will be the last time I sign a band without seeing them play live.

Yes! This is the only tune of theirs I remember though. Were they from Liverpool?


Decent single that

I saw them live at In The City, which by then had become a pile of shite, at a bad venue on Peter Street, i can’t remember which, might have been Square Bar, i’m guessing 2008ish. It was a wee bit crap, but more because of the venue and acoustics and crowd.

Yes! Absolutely storming single, and then absolutely nothing. Remember scouring the Internet for other stuff from them at the time and there being not much more than some pretty underwhelming demos, but Little Flame is genuinely class.

yes! i think the last time i mentioned them on twitter i ended up talking to their bassist or something. they were good fun