Does anyone remember html hell day? I was 16 when you showed me that filth you sickos

Can’t see who posted this gonna guess @jordan229

Sorry @harru can’t see your reply. Send it to POBOX367h


Assumed it was @bugduv from the age.

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@steved thanks for your reply, unfortunately I can’t read it. If your enquiry is urgent please contact @seaninsound on twitter who will be happy to assist.



were you really 16 then?

That was day I realised that learning html could actually be useful

I actually was probably around then or younger. I remember there being some very explicit images put in as well which wasn’t very cash money of whomever did it


Looks like I ended up with @guntrip’s image there.

the tiny ‘no wonder we don’t get html’ under Traynor’s finger pointing has done me.

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Who actually did html hell day in the end?

  • I was there
  • I wasn’t there
  • J d(ick) traynor

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Tbh there was a lot of porn on the site on html hell day

How do you mean?

A bunch of us participated trying increasingly creative HTML in our posts.

The cause was that Matt had only just really learned Ruby on Rails and there was a lot that could be missed or go wrong.

I was on a forum that someone hacked into the admin and changed the background to goatse (tiled). That was… a day


Remember when I discovered that you could put html in your profile text and made my profile amazing

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