Does anyone still handwrite anything?

Like more than a post-it, or an envelope or filling in a form?

If so what?


Items for the shopping list/playground insults on the whiteboard in the kitchen at home.

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Notes in meetings. I’ll type minutes as I go, though.

I mean like paragraphs of stuff or does anyone use a paper notebook at work?

Had to hand write a bit on the bottom of my daughter’s evaluation today.

Was tough to do.

Christ no

Rarely ever. Feels completely alien when i do and my writing is awful.


You write notes in meetings in s notebook?

Also take loads of handwritten notes when playing role-playing games.

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Also in hearings.

I have an A4 work notebook, yes.

I usually use up a page or two a day with calculations, sketches, notes and reminders.

In a previous job I had so little to do that I wrote out an entire script by hand.

It already existed in digital form.

Enjoyed it. Wasted a good 4/5 hours.

Do you prefer it? Why do you choose to do that? Instead of directly typing?

I’ve got a few notebooks I use occasionally. my handwriting is so bad and I sometimes use shorthand I can’t remember which makes it difficult to understand what I was getting at when I revisit them

Ever draw a cock in there, friend?


Could you use some sort of digital device for it if you wanted?

Writing things down helps me remember things better than typing. Also feels a bit rude if it’s a one on one meeting somehow.

Hearings is because they can be a bit funny about having internet-enabled devices on during proceedings so I do without the hassle.