Does anyone still handwrite anything?

Also, do you then transfer it to a computer?


Thank you for your response

Just for taking notes really. Like if I’m watching a film that I have to have an opinion on professionally or preparing to interview someone etc.

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I’ll type up minutes, yes, but the other stuff will eventually find its way into drawings or documents.

Technically, our notebooks are the property of the company I work for and should be archived alongside digital files when a job is complete.

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Do you prefer to take notes

  • Typing on a computer
  • By hand in a notebook

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Are death threats still made by cutting out letters from newspapers/magazines?

it’s exclusively ransom notes these days

Nice that at least some traditions are upheld in these troubling times.

I write a lot, mostly lists of songs I want to research, notes for the songs I need to learn and also thoughts about albums I’m reviewing. Example here:


have you seen herzog’s notebooks? he apparently has an apartment full of these


Yup. But I’m a lawyer and we do all kinds of weird old-fashioned stuff.

Bet you’re a dab hand at faxing stuff, too.

Nope. We use this fancy electronic mail thing instead.

Although still frustratingly dependent on people physically writing their names on pieces of paper in order to get deals done.

Meeting notes and to-do lists

jesus. I can only dream of writing like that. reminds me a bit of Robert Walser’s microscripts - he wrote short stories in shorthand on tiny scraps of paper while in various sanitoriums (is that the plural? probably not)

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Oh i did do some notes earlier!

I love your handwriting.

Anyway, I did something similar not long ago. The test piece my band has to play in a contest v. soon has very little percussion in it. I’d written the title and composer at the top of a page, then just written “FUCK ALL” in the middle.

Unveiled it in a meeting my accident didn’t I.


Basically everything. Employers looooooooooove it.

Sending someone a handwritten fax is probably my favourite thing to do