Does anyone use MS SQL Server a lot? Please come in here

Look, there’s an issue that’s dogged it since 2012 IIRC. I’m still getting it in 2019.

It’s when you try to restore a pretty large DB BAK file, like over a GB compressed. You hit restore and then that green bar next to ‘stop’ just sits there animating but you never see the percentage restored amount appear.

The only way out is to hit the stop button, delete the ‘restoring’ entry in the DB table and do it all over again and this time:

ta-da, it starts restoring.

I’ve tried Googling but all I end up with is tonnes of stuff about when you end up with a DB left in the restoring state or similar.

I just want to know if there’s any way to fix it because I am frequently having to restore DBs locally for my work and it gets me down, man!

No but now I feel like you when you’re in the meme thread.


This is now the *checks notes * stack exchange thread?

Exactly, but I wasn’t finding one there!!!

There’s a meme thread?

I’ve never come across this.

Does the same thing happen if you run the sql command to restore rather than the UI?

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I wouldn’t know because I never use the command line. But it did cross my mind that it might somehow be a SSMS fault, yeah. That said SSMS has gone through even more versions since 2012 than SQL Server itself.

Smss can generate the sql script for you, might be worth a go.

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I use it a fair bit but not for that kind of thing. I’ll ask the SQL genius in work if she knows anything about it tomorrow though if you don’t get an answer

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I’m definitely not alone as other people at work have seen the same issue.

Asked and she said to see if your log file can give you any more data. In management/SQL server logs. Other than that apart from checking for updates she didn’t have an answer but said she hasn’t seen it before.

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On tenterhooks now for @1101010 ‘s log file reveal


I will have to check on Monday sorry. And thanks @hesastopsiiiiign

install sp_whoisactive ( sp_whoisactive SQL Server Monitoring Stored Procedure by Adam Machanic). this’ll show whats running on the instance. theres a column in the output called percent_complete which could help. my guess is that you’ve got a huge transaction log file which needs to be zeroed out which probably takes a while and the percent increment wont start until its done.


Ooh, interesting, thanks

Great call. I used SQL Server for about a decade before someone introduced me to this.