Does Cauliflower Cheese Have a Place in the World Anymore?


Was eating good eats in a restaurant t’other night and there was a cauliflower cheese option. It occurs to me that I almost never see it appearing in roasts anymore. Has it gone out of fashion?Are we just post cauly-chee?

Let’s have this out. Cauliflower cheese:

  • Makes a roast
  • Ruins a roast
  • 'Meh’s a ‘eh’

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What SHOULD it be served with these days? Fish maybe?


Prefer broccoli cheese, but yeah, it’s well underrated


Would never ever have it with a roast but it is good as a standalone dish IMO.


wait standalone like as a main course?


Underrated I’d totally be up for making some at some point. I actually don’t see many people serving cauliflower these days, perhaps it’s the prep time?


Have it every Sunday as part of the roast, definitely not out of fashion with my family. Love it with a bit of gravy on it as well.


agreed actually. brocolli has mega overtaken it.

cauly cheese is well easy to make too, def give it a go




Also, I was in the Harringay Green Lanes branch of Bo’s on Tuesday and they offered a frozen cauliflower cheese in the top left corner of the final freezer aisle (on the right hand section if you do your shop by going up and down each aisle as normal). I thought it was an odd thing.


Yeah, with peas and potatoes or something, I dunno. That’s how I grew up with it anyway


that has fully derailed my mind


that does sound odd, imagining the cheese sauce as a frozen thing


It’s probably one of those things from my youth that I thought was normal but it turns out is weird like ‘Sausage and Egg Pie’ or calling cottage pie shepherd’s pie.


I momentarily considered picking up a packet to see if I could glean anything by feeling it but then I remembered that I absolutely hate grocery shopping and couldn’t wait to be out of that fucking place.


Of course it does. You might have to replicate the smell of vomit for some reason.


When i first became a vegetarian as a teenager I was obsessed, I even made it with flour and cheese at home. Does anyone else like a food, eat it all the time until you get completely sick of it? Have ruined so much for myself this way :rofl:


We used to have cauliflower cheese as a main course for tea. Totally fine and not weird.


you’re def not the first to equate vomit with cauliflower cheese. there was a 50/50 split among the group i was in and half of them definitely stood in the ‘it smells fully rank’ camp


I also had it as a main course when younger. Don’t remember having peas and potatoes with it, think it was just the colly cheese.

I remember initially being very disturbed when I found out people ate it with roasts, but now I really like it.


Whisper it JazzBazz but I think I might have overdone it a bit by buying seven large packs of Riesen - The Chocolate Chew and filling a large mason jar with them recently.