Does DiS fully agree on anything?

  • I don’t know how to post a poll
  • Music:
  • Is good and cool
  • No, is bad and wrong

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Actually, had a dream last night that I won some competition at work and the prize was a mixtape of Yorkshire bands and said ‘I know you’re @Unlucky

So, to answer your question, yes.

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God Save The Queen, the national anthem of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is…

  • An absolute bop
  • Boring submissive shite

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Just realised it’s maosm not japes

Sorry @japes


if only his avatar somehow made that clear


I thought you were doing a bit

It’s for the greater good: we can’t have unanimity on DiS. Sorry.


I enjoy the witty posts of @ma0sm

  • Oh yes
  • Oh no

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Ross and Rachel were

  • ON A BREAK!!!
  • technically still together

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I will use the results of this poll to make a list

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I have done a murder and this is my confession

  • No I haven’t
  • Lock me up officer

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Now we’ve fucking got you @ma0sm


Need a comma here



You do prison your way, we’ll do it our way.

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We certainly will!! Haha (no comma)

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I fucking love the shape of you
And I quite like the one he did with T Swizzle
And the one about lego with Rupert Grizzle in the video.
Don’t know any others

@maosm :rage::rage::angry::angry::rage::rage:

Looks tasty. Is it from Lidl?