Does everyone else have a “reliable selfie face”?

Feel like I’d post a lot more if there was a particular angle and facial expression combo I could count on. Normally I just take a few, get fed up and give up

Also I never used to consider myself to have a “best side” for photos, but now it’s my right cos I’ve got a big green vein under my left eye

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24 year old me - oh yeah, absolutely
now me - lol you what m8?

Did you take a lot of selfies when you were 24 :wink:

All my best selfies were from when I was 24

With one of these

And one of these



All I had was this

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Just try and get as few of my chins and as little of my giant shiny dome in as possible.

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Maybe a thirty degree angle left, and lower my head a bit. I hate my face/don’t think I’m very photogenic but people here are very kind.

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Yep. I should probably start holding a copy of that day’s paper in my hand every Friday for the selfie thread


just smile a little and think of all the joy I am bringing to the world


if you are smiling, even if you don’t think you look good, if other people want to hate on you or think you are ugly or weird then that’s totally on them

Just be like me and have hideously low expectations and self esteem and like me you’ll only be slightly disappointed with the results as it can’t get ‘much worse’

Honestly I just try to look like I’m enjoying myself and never take a selfie unless I’m in a good mood as it helps make you glow?

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you know when you are sat in the park and you see a dog come up to you and you’re like “hehe hellloooo!” and really pleased to see the innocent and goofy nature of a dog and the healing properties it brings to you for a brief moment? That’s what I want my selfies to feel like :slight_smile:


But yeah I get you sometimes I take a selfie and it can put me in a really bad mood if it doesn’t come out as expected. Silly I know

didn’t like my face when i was younger, then had a phase of quite liking my face for a couple of years, now don’t really like it anymore

I like my face in a mirror or a carefully staged selfie but all photos of me taken by other people are bad and wrong


generally take selfies from the same side where i (attempt to) part my hair at the front, because from the opposite side my hair looks more ridiculous

If I could I would change a lot