Does having chocolate count as a snack?


I feel like there is something in this

I don’t think it is a snack.

Lunchbox "snack"-sized chocolate bars [poll(s) and chat]

No, definitely a three course meal.


anything you eat between meals is a snack


In my furry little mind it definitely does.

  • yes, I’m slightly unsure what else it would be
  • no?

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e.g a kit kat , or twix, or mars or dairy milk = snack.

e.g one quality street or a few smarties or a single chocolate finger = not a snack.


Meo what do you think it is? I guess if you have it after dinner it’s technically dessert?


A snack has to have a crunch. So a twix is a snack but a mars bar is not.


what the jesus h.

i’m getting out this thread before it kicks off


Can eating snacks be a hobby?


kit kat = snack.
Galaxy = not a snack (unless it’s some new fangled wafer version).


fucking daft


Can this be real? Chocolate as a snack?


Not sure what tree you’re barking up here Meo or if it even is a tree


I don’t make the rules pal.




A banana sandwich could be a snack though, and that’s crunch-free.

  • No snacks before dinner.

  • Ok, I’ll just have some chocolate bars


can’t help but feel that meo has done us all here


I say “could be”, it absolutely is.