Does it ever occur to you


That somewhere in one of those mega-threads (awful riddles, fantasy football etc) there could be a new TST lurking before our very eyes?


Cant say it does to be tbh humble pal


A what?


what @witches said

what is a TST?







It was something that all the ‘cool’ kids of DiS got into in the old boards, a hidden thread if you will.
People like @Jeremys_Iron and the like


oh! I suddenly feel so uncool :sob:


It’s all getting a bit Twin Peaks now.



The thing about the TST was that it was sat there in clear view for a good two years. And I think that, for the first year and a half, it was only @ma0sm @desertshore and possibly @cowcow who knew about it.


Oh and for @Witches @Slicky @WizardLizard et all: the TST stood for The Secret Thread (the extra The was an affectation). There was a broken thread on the old music board where it was stuck at the top of the page and the “last posted” date never changed. It was used by a few DiSers to hang out in and cause mild mischief. A few of the DiS memes originate from there.

Talk to you soon.


Thank you for keeping us in the loop CCB :kissing_heart:


Ahahaha I actually found the new one by accident a few weeks back, and it was soooo dull that I never bothered to look at it again :joy::joy::joy::joy:




I genuinely did not know this


There’s a new one?

I feel so out of touch. Again.


“Mild mischief” feels like a bit of an overstatement. As far as I can tell, they met and spoke of their nefarious plans to reply to posts.




Another vote for replying to posts.