Does tapas fill you up


or do you have to spend loads for it to do so





If you’re still hungry after eating tapas just order pan con tomate till you’re full.


Apparently if you just shout at the food in English it makes you feel more full


I always find it too rich - or in the case the meal last week, too shit - to fill me up


Tapas. Thali. Mezze. Smörgåsbord. Sushi.

All of those buffet-esque badboys are boss. And filling.


Bit of a faff, innit. Ooooh order all these little dishes ooooooh. Hard enough choosing one main mate!1


I’m not at all pleased with sushi getting chucked in with that lot but I have no valid reason why it shouldn’t


Dim sum belongs in there too, and they’re all awesome.


But that’s a breakfast item.


I’m going to say that you’ll need to spend loads, because in Wigan they had a all-you-can-eat tapas restaurant (a lot nicer than it sounds) which lasted for about 2 months before it shut, so clearly the business model was completely flawed, or people of Wigan have unusually large appetites (probably the latter)


If you eat as much bread as me yes


So obviously tapas in IRL Spain isn’t anything like we know it here. You just get a tapa with your drink generally. I remember there was this one amazing place near where I lived in Madrid where you could just buy a caña and get a huge plate or toasties, patatas bravas, wee pizza things and much much more.


Went to a couple good places in madrid that did you a tapas with a beer. One that gave you a bit of ham, which is pretty impressive when you’re just ordering a €1 cana


especially when you consider that most people would just have a few cañas and stay there all night. Wtf are pints.


Really enjoyed having Canas late at night aye. and one with breakfast at a Museo del Jamon