Does the hospital you were born in still exist?

Simple question dunno why it’s so difficult

  • Yes
  • No
  • Dunno fuck off

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Tories closed it just before Labour got in, in 1997. Cheers, lads. The first protest I ever went to was one protesting that, with my mum.

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It was supposed to be replaced about 3 years ago, but Carillion were building the new one…

Think they resumed building the replacement about a year ago.

I was born in a maternity home: they used to be a thing apparently

Does your school still exist? Both mine have been knocked down and rebuilt.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Dunno

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My wife was born in something like that.

It was called Sorrento, and it confused the hell out of me the first time she mentioned it because I thought she’d been born in Italy but had somehow never told me.

I wasn’t born in a hospital so I can’t answer your poll soz

I was born at home in the same bed in which I was conceived

top left window


I was born in the Queen Mary
(N.B. Not the ocean liner)

It turned into a walk in centre in the late 90s. I wouldn’t call it a hospital anymore.

The monarch??


Definitely drank too much cos I was thinking Jesus’ mum was a Queen Mary.


Born at home. Standard practice in the Netherlands.

Freedom Fields, Plymouth. It’s an Aldi now.

  • I was also born there
  • I was not

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I like to tell people I was born in the wagon of a travelling show, but actually it was the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading


I was one of 18 pupils at my primary school. When i was 11 i was in the same classroom at the 5 yr olds. Sports day was a doddle though. 6 of us left for high school and 12 remained. Sadly, although not unexpectedly, it is now closed amd derelict

Freedom Fields is quite a cool name for a hospital, mind. Normally they’re just [Name of town] Hospital or named after a member of the Royal Family

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Did you live somewhere really remote?

North Devon Hospital, Barnstaple

  • I was born there
  • I was not born there

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St. Joseph’s, Clonmel. Main building was a workhouse after famine times, then some kind of home run by a religious order. Still open, some seriously bad vibes there.


  • Yes
  • No

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