Does this sound suspect?

Selling a bunch of stuff on EBay and someone bought it, but they messaged me telling me to send the payment request through Paypal and gave me a WhatsApp number to discuss the shipping. Their address says Ireland but when I search for it it either comes up with Iceland or somewhere near Birmingham! Am I a mark or just inherently distrustful?! I don’t really use EBay so don’t have a clue whether this is a common practice or not. Sensible internet users of DiS please help this clueless bumpkin!

do it all through ebay imo. might not be suspect, sometimes it’s just people wanting to save a bit on shipping or something but if something does go awry you wont have a record of it and you’ll lose out.


Pm me the address I’ll see if it’s legit in Ireland

(Also what’s the country code on the WhatsApp number?)

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Yeah that’s fair, does that mean I’d have to relist it then?

don’t see why it would. just tell them you’d rather keep everything on ebay and invoice them through there. can discuss shipping options etc with them still.

i’m probably a bit too cynical about this stuff after having been burnt a few times but just make sure you get proof of postage and all that jazz.


Thank you! It’s quite a lot of shit so I’m a bit wary too!

Definitely agree with this. There are a lot of scammers on ebay and you won’t be covered if you move off the platform.


Noticed PayPal parted ways with eBay, now it takes quite long for eBay to release the funds, might be an advantage to taking PayPal and think PayPal have protection policies too

Just sold a couple of things on eBay for the first time and found it really difficult to navigate and hadn’t realised they didn’t accept PayPal so that was a bit of a pain too. Doubt I’ll bother again tbh.

Sometimes get this with discogs though where people want to take it outside discogs and get a discount and I always just politely decline as I just don’t think it’s worth the risk as people like that are always the most hassle even if not actual scammers.


yeah i’ve given up on discogs, too many wankers. even if not scammers you get loads of professional ebayers/record flipper types who are forever trying to skim a bit off here or there or lodge spurious complaints. had a guy recently who opened a complaint because a laptop i sent hadn’t arrived like three days after the auction. quite clearly wanted a free laptop.

PSA: send everything tracked and don’t take any guff.

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Combination of brexit and the totally messed up shipping policies has killed selling on discogs for me. That was partly why I tried eBay but I’m definitely not going to bother for records.

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