Does your fridge open nicely?

Or is there resistance from the vacuum? Ours used to open with no resistance, then one day it changed, and I hate it.

yeah it’s fine


Can you swing ‘em to and fro


Our chest freezer can be so tough to open sometimes

No offence but assume anyone with a chest freezer is a mass murderer and not to be trusted

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Need to close mine a bit more firmly than I’d like to have to in an ideal world.

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Every time I go to open the fridge it takes me two goes. I always use too little force on my first attempt, and get pulled towards it.

mine squeaks loudly

Opens: very well
Closes: massive piece of shit hassle

Our handle moves giving the impression that it is some sort of unlocking/devacuming device but I’m sceptical that it has any real function. Lovely action though.

No, it calls me a cunt


mrs dr epimers ventriloquist lessons paying off nicely

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No offence taken. In fact, when the global pan dee is over why don’t you come round and I’ll cook you up something nice


Dr Mrs, you massive sexist!


Ours opens fine the first time you open the door, but if you have to open it twice in quick succession, it can be a bit tricky.

That’s Captain Sir Dr Mrs Tom Epimers

The hinge on ours does an almighty CRACK about once every couple of days. It’s been doing it for two or three years and still, the noise is so loud and unpleasant whoever opens it instinctively jumps and puts their arms out to try and catch the supposedly falling door

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As long as all the drawers next to it are shut