Does your work have a google review page?

Don’t link it obviously, but tell us what the rating is (closest whole number)

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  • doesn’t have one mate

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mine is 5/5. three reviews from three out of four people who work there, obviously.

Mine has loads because we have a few different sites. The office I’m in has 4.1. Had a cursory look and Chelmsford has a mighty 4.9 whereas Liverpool has a puny 2.4. I may or may not spend the rest of the afternoon looking at this.

Some quotes
“top notch” 5
“lovely” 5
“not many parking space on Monday morning” 1


Mine has a rating of 3.3. No comments but I recognise one of the names as an absolute toolbox of a friend of a friend who once stole money from our house. Going to take their 1/5 review with a pinch of salt.

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If you’re bored put some local companies into Glassdoor and search by lowest score to highest. Comedy gold. Some of the people will have been badly treated, obviously that’s not funny, but others are clearly a bit weird or were sacked for something so are exacting petty revenge. Read one recently that said something along the lines of “The free coffee was of a very high standard, but sadly EVERBODY WHO WORKED THERE WAS A C*NT”.


Some negative reviews that are the equivalent of people leaving Tesco a shitty review because the Breville toaster they brought from there is shitty. Not a lot you can do about it though.

One five star review from two years ago. One three star review from two years ago.

We don’t do anything with the public.

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ooof, two stars! wanna get your PR team onto that pronto mate


a production company I work for have a slew of bad reviews, primarily about the quality of their ramen and the poor hygiene of the place. Guess it can sometimes backfire to pick the same name as a takeaway


Can you still give entire continents a rating on google maps? That was good craic.

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The comedy Google review is mostly the preserve of wacky cunts though. There used to be a load for the prison near my house complaining about the “cramped rooms and disappointing continental breakfast”.


fucking hell :rofl: :man_facepalming:

That doesn’t sound like an accident

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See also: Amazon reviews

Yep - it’s currently on a 4.8 with 19 reviews and, looking through them, the main reason it’s so high is down to the free coffee machine in reception.

probably did it for #banter thinking they’d get called out but nobody ever said anything

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oooommmmggg i just remembered this:

1,412 reviews

sometimes the simplest jokes are the best