Does your workplace

Have a code of conduct / policies/etc that are an acronym of the organisation

  • Yes
  • No
  • Lol wot?

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No but I might make some up now and see if they reward me for it

Have Dyson® Airblades

  • Yes! :grin:
  • No! :sob:

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Do I mean acronym? Might mean the other one


That sort of thing

one of the only benefits of my old job

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i think you mean an onomatopoeia

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  • Toilet roll
  • Frustratingly small paper slices

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  • Hot Desking, baby! Free as a bird!
  • Fixed Workstation
  • Not an Office Worker!

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current set up: officially hotdesking but realistically sitting in the same seat almost all the time

the near future: absolute hot desking chaos

can’t wait

  • Give out free coffee/tea
  • Give out free beer
  • Give out free water
  • Charge you for breathing its air

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We have Mitsubishi knock offs

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  • Lunch is available (canteen etc)
  • Lunch is not provided, you’re on your own

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The proper lawyers have got beer taps. We have… instant coffee.

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Not only is lunch available, it’s FREE!

never leaving this job


No lunch facilities provided, but there is a public cafe in the building.

Available but not free


Went to visit my friend who works at a Boston biotech startup, and they had a good quality 7% IPA, free on tap at all times.

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Is it Umbrella corp? I’d keep an eye on that


Have vending machines

  • Yes
  • I’m so hungry

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