Doesn't feel like NYE is in a few days

Not heard it really be mentioned anywhere

  • I have NYE plans
  • I do not

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Why mention it? It happens every year


My plan is that I’m working til 21:00 where I’ll cycle home and sleep, then get up to be in work at 09:00 the next morning. :confused:


Having a curry. That’s it but what a plan.


Did an online shop and put loads of different ipas in my basket so I could whittle down but forgot to whittle down when I checked out so now have loads of ipas. New year’s eve.


Have a bunch of half plans cos we never decided what to do before Covid came into play.

Will have to do something cos I live in the city centre and doubt it’ll be quiet enough to sleep early :smiley:

Off to a pals I think

Going to party hard

I’ve disliked it ever since I was a kid. Used to go out with friends during my teens and in my 20s but was lying to myself and everyone else when I said I was having a good time.

Always felt like there was “pressure” to be out and about and sociable for NYE when I was younger.

I’m glad to be a dull old curmudgeon about NYE nowadays. I would be lying if I said that I’ll treat it like any other evening though. I’ve bought an expensive bottle of wine (at least for me, it was £25) and will pick a film earlier on NYE to drink it with alone in my flat with a very unhealthy takeaway and chocolate and crisps. Bliss.


Might have a lovely nap. Maybe treat myself to some fruit pastilles.

You just have to chew.

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I went out in Galway city centre for new years once and it was horrible.

Couple of house parties which were ok and another one in 2015/16 that got weird cuz someone we invited revealed themselves to be a bit of an old 4chan nazi.

Otherwise usually just sittin with the fam watching Jools Holland.

Not a fan of NYE. There’s so much pressure to “have a good time” but I’m not a massive drinker and everything is more expensive.

I think I’ve had 2 really good NYEs ever:

  • 1999/2000 when I went to round to a friends’ flat and we drank wine and listened to great music. Then took champagne and plastic flutes to a nearby park and watched the fireworks.

  • 2004/5 when we took the train to Paris in the evening then went to the Eiffel Tower. The fireworks were on the Champs Elysées though. Some youths started chucking stuff at police with riot shields by the Eiffel Tower. I was the most sober and suggested we get out of there. We ended up on the Champs Elysées after midnight and wandered around and found a bar somewhere. Then we ended up by the Gare du Nord and had breakfast opposite before taking the train back.

No plans for this year although I was tempted by the bands on at the Windmill.

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I like going out on NYE but since even pubs started charging to get in on NYE, which probably peaked the year that photo of the scene outside the Printworks, it took the fun out of it. Few beers and food round mates houses is just as good or in with a takeaway.

Never like clubs/raves etc. at NYE cause they have always the original pisstakers with drink prices and charging on New Years for a shitter time than you got on a standard Friday.

Sort of, have plans but don’t really want to go

By ‘plans’ I mean we’re going to my parents’ house for dinner with them and some family friends. Normally we stay in, have a Chinese and watch the Sopranos.

What a terrible blunder

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The fuck??? Is this a London thing?

Nah it was definitely a thing when I was in Bath cause we made a point of advertising free entry on NYE. Lot of pubs will do ticketed events down here too.

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Dear lord. Glad this practice hasn’t found its way to my bit of semi rural Kent yet.