Dog Man Star - released on this day in 1994

Still an epic album - Suede’s best by a distance in my humble opinion.
The section from Heroine, The Wild Ones, Daddy’s Speeding, The Power to New Generation is just amazing.

Still annoying that Stay Together wasn’t on the original album.

Wow. I remember rinsing it at the time. It was so rich, dense and loads of different influences that it blew me away. Must admit I’ve not going back and listened for quite some years.

I picked up a reissue of it on vinyl earlier this year so I’ve been revisiting it quite a bit recently. Definitely still holds up as one of my favourite albums. Even the B-Sides to it are good.

Coming Up is my personal favourite.

We Are The Pigs is so good. After that it mostly fails to engage me. I found the b-sides of that period far better and Stay Together.

The fact that it took them 22 years to follow it up shows you just how good DMS was. Was totally obsessed with it at the time, to an almost unhealthy degree. Incredible album.

A masterpiece and still one of my favourite albums. The ‘We Are The Pigs’ and ‘The Wild Ones’ singles were my gateway into Suede. Remember buying the album and it seemed so dense and dark that I just didn’t get it for a few days, and then it all clicked. Every song is fantastic, with the exception of ‘The Power’ maybe which seems a bit throwaway.

One of my very favourite albums of all time, pretty much flawless as far as I’m concerned (with the aforementioned “The Power” being the only obvious weak spot). As much as I love the footstompers, the epic beauty of Asphalt World, The 2 Of Us, Still Live and The Wild Ones are the tracks that always stand out for me.

They were my one of my favourite bands for quite a while, and one of the few that me and missus had an equal love for. But after DMS my love waned. Coming Up got tiresome quite quickly and the less said about the next two, the better.

It wasn’t until they played DMS in full at Brixton a few years back that my love kicked back in and we started seeing them live again, realising that even the songs we wouldn’t necessarily like to listen to at home, sounded great when performed. Whilst Bloodsports and Night Thoughts have both rekindled my love for their recorded material. Night Thoughts being up there with the best of the year.

Great band.

Aboslutely love this album, easily one of my favourite albums. I never got into Suede back in the 90s and only really started going through their back catelogue fairly recently but this album blew me away, an absolute classic in every sense of the word.

Defiitely their best! Still Life is ‘the one’ for me. Saw them on Saturday night in Bognor - Brett looks exactly the same, the git!