Dog next door just keeps barking and barking


not 24/7…but he goes into a mad barking fit for say 20 minutes, 3-4 times a day.

fucking does my head in.

in its defence, it’s a Border Collie and as far as I can tell, it never gets walked.

was chatting to my neighbour the other day and she asked if it annoys me. I said I don’t hear it, because I’m not a cunt. she then told me she hated the dog. not so keen on this atttitude, tbh


Get the RSPCA on the blower mate, it’s bang out of order to have a dog (especially one like a border collie) and not exercise it.


Why did you like Silks? Don’t think it’s cunty to tell her the truth if it’s doing your nut.


I wish I could do this, man. and anyway, not walking a dog ain’t something the RSPCA will be that fussed about. no crime is being committed.


I was raised to let shit like this sliiiiiiide, my man


Give em a bell anyway, I did it with a dog next door a while ago and then it’s on record at least if anything does escalate


Just link them to this thread.

But yeah, I’d have told them I could hear their dog. If they asked.

That’s not being a cunt.


was thinking maybe they might get ratty with the dog. I don’t want to be responsible for that. I often hear them telling it to shut up


Poison the dog and owner.



Do people hit dogs? Like I know spanking / smacking kids is now frowned upon by most people, but do people give dogs a whack if they’re acting up? And does it work to discipline them?


I don’t know how people can do this. Couldn’t bring myself to do it on Fable II.


hmmm. I might do this. seems like the decent thing, doesn’t it. hmmmmmmmmmmmm


regularly see dogs being walked getting a quite firm tap on the nose. not something I enjoy seening, but I ain’t a dog man, dog. maybe this is standard


I’ve never had a dog so don’t know if it’s a thing or not. Vague memories of my aunt giving her massive German Shepherds a back-handed slap on the rump for or tap on the nose for barking when they shouldn’t or something.


People do do it because it does work but they shouldn’t do it.


If the dog is trained well, it’ll respond to being told off and doesn’t need to be smacked.


Yup, you can be equally as effective by perfecting your “cross with a dog” voice, they respond better to tone than most other things.


I’ll bet they do, Tony!