Dog Poo Nightmare

There is a street (residential) that I walk down every day, often with my young family, as a parent. It is quite long and is filled with dog poo! Like, a nice street with piles of poo every 50 metres. I counted maybe 6 this morning.

Now, my suspicions are it might be the same dog/person allowing their dog to befoul the street due to the poo all looking the same. They are quite large piles of a similar consistency.

I don’t want to live life as a victim, forced to walk this gauntlet anymore. I’m tired of living in fear, and bored enough of life that I am ready to engage in an all-encompassing vigilante campaign to bring some semblance of meaning to my existence.

What can/shall I do?

Don’t say the council, or leave it/grow up or white dog poo, I want to take the power back.

Kind of makes me hate dogs and people.

Ideas, kindred anger and stories about dog poo below

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Are you on local facebook groups?

Post a photo of them on there.

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Pass agg sign on the lamp post, laminated


Someone I don’t know from back in the hometown had two horses die from eating dog poo people had just thrown over the wall into his field instead of take to the bin :frowning:
I’ve been seeing some incredibly strongly worded signs now adorning his wall.

The other day my beloved accidentally stepped in poo on the street and she got in and said “I’ve just stepped in baby poo” which I thought was very, very odd because babies don’t tend to poo on the streets so I said “What made you think it was baby poo rather than dog poo?” and she said “the colour” which just raised further questions really.


This is my favourite:



To answer your question I think your best option is to wait until you see a pooing incident and say “pick your dog’s fucking shit up you animal” to the culprit human because dog owners who don’t pick up the dog shit are awful, awful people.


I am not. And would quite like to keep my crusade anonymous as people that become passionate against dog poo are often insane ukip voters.


Could be fox poo rather than dog poo. Solution? Dunno - those fuckers won’t listen to no one tbh tbf…

No thanks, I’ve just eaten.

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There is a sign outside my son’s pre-school that says something along the lines of
“Can the person throwing their dog poo over the fence and into our playground please stop as it presents a health and safety issue for our children”
Was pretty funny and also enraging to read

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I know my poo mate. it’s a dog. a big one!

Have you ever had a nightmare about dog poo, though?

One thing I think is that if you own a dog, and even if you clean up after it etc, you are morally obligated to pick up dog poo you see that hasn’t been picked up by other owners. Like, morally you should do that.

  • I can’t argue with that logic!
  • Like your wife, I completely disagree with this and think it is an absurd notion

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Spray paint it bright pink. No idea what it achieves but it’s a thing, a woman around here does it and I saw it in Hastings too.

There’s always massive dog poos on the grass outside my flat, it’s a private garden but a few people walk their dogs here, one guys drives here in his pyjamas and walks the dog around then drive so home. Drive to a fucking park, and fucking pick it up. I hate having to look out for it when the kids are playing out there. Gross.


No but I’ve had a couple of pretty erotic dreams.

About dog poo? Wow.

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Are you sure it isn’t adult human poo?