Dog Poo Nightmare


it’s only a matter of time/probably, can’t remember

I know my poo, mate!

Without a public shaming of this person, you will achieve nothing.

If you confront them they’ll be indignant - don’t expect the kind of cunt who doesn’t pick up after their dog to be contrite when confronted.

If you decorate the poo piles or spray the pavement then I doubt it’d make any difference.

Photos of it happening + local curtain-twitchers’ FB group = success.


my #dreampoo scenario is that I catch the guy and shout at him a bit. Maybe he shouts back and is unapologetic and I say “well, mate, smile for the camera!” and then take a picture of him and then put it on lots of laminated posters on the street and he loses his job and family and I run into him a few years later and he apologises and says he was out of order and is a cat man now

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Is this real? A dog talking English?

You must be itching to say white dog poo

No. It wouldn’t be appropriate in this thread.

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Some kind of passive aggressive note must be in order.

But you have thought about it.

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just start shitting on the street with the rest of your family in protest.

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I have one of these very near my house! with POLITE NOTICE in capitals, underlined. I think it also has clip-art.

(can’t disagree with them tbqfh. As a solo walker I do tend to glare at people whose dogs are taking a dump until they get their little bags out).

think I’m gonna make signs, but don’t want to be polite, and not too rude as is a route to a school so

92% v 58% average brand scores in Which? say that your plumber is wrong.

Old Blue Last, £6/£4 NUS


Thank you!

I have never owned a dog, but would it be possible for one dog to be shitting what sounds like considerable volumes at regular intervals up the street?

Mate I feel your pain. My road is a fucking nightmare at the moment. A proper poo slalom. During the day I can see and avoid it but at night I get the fear big time.

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I always used to take three bags with me whenever I took my beloved Monty out which was usually more than enough but there was one bit where he just did five shits in the space of about 200 metres and I nearly lost my head with him.

I think it might be over several days. I need to believe it is one person/dog as the thought of multiple thoughtless non-picker uppers just makes me very sad, very sad indeed!