Dog thread 🐾🐶🐕🐾


It was my dog’s birthday yesterday (2!). We took him to pets at home and he got a new lead and collar and harness and shampoo and found loads of biscuits under the shelves and got cuddles from everyone. Dogs! The best!

My dog’s day care centre posted this picture of him (he’s on the right)

Please post about dogs here. They don’t have to be your dogs. No haters.



Have you been watching The Secret Life of Dogs on ITV in the last few weeks? It’s been good and interesting and worth watching on catch up if you’re into that sort of thing

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I really can’t wait until I have a secure enough life to get a dog.


According to ‘The Big Plan’ that the wife has formulated, in around 18 months time I might have my very own dog to take for walkies (Rather than us borrowing the dog-in-law occasionally).

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OMG :heart_eyes:

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What a picture!

What is your dogs name?

How does dog day care work? Is it just like a nursery for dogs? How often does he/ she go there

I want a dog, but I don’t think it would be fair on the dog really as I live alone and would have to leave them too much (plus my cats would hate it)

I like slow moving dogs

Honestly think I would open a dog day-care in a heartbeat when I’m retired if it’s a possibility

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Oh my God she is ridiculously adorable


I love dogs, I didn’t even know about day care centers for dogs!
Though what if your dog starts to love the day care center more than being with you!

Yeah, they’re a hardy crossbreed as well which is welcome given the amount of really unhealthy breeds that are popular at the minute


Really want a dog but I dunno if I can justify getting one as I live in a flat and go away a lot at weekends. Has anyone used Borrow My Doggy? I think it could be a good compromise for now

this is my current favourite dog. He hangs out in Bison Beer in Brighton and I think his name is Henry


There’s a gorgeous boxer dog that hangs out in my local. Not usually a fan of boxers but this one is lovely, just walks around to get strokes then sits on the floor for bit. Pub dogs are ace

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I love boxers. I saw a clip yesterday of a boxer with really bad separation anxiety crying while being comforted and it broke me for a bit.

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this is my US friend’s dog Layla, changed my desktop to this coz i miss her :cry:


We looked after this lovely fox-dog pupper the other day:

She’s called Rosie and we took her for a walk and she started accosting this girl who was sitting having some lunch. We started shouting ‘Rosie, come here, come on’ and all that and it turned out that the girl was called Rosie as well! Hilarity obviously ensued.



and trigg made a face