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I’m so jealous of pets’ ability to sleep anywhere, in any position. I basically can’t sleep if I’m not in a bed in a silent, dark room with the right weight of duvet and right size of pillow, but my cat will sleep balanced on the back of a chair, on a wooden floor, in a room with the tv on and several people talking, on a scrunched up shopping bag, sprawled across someone’s legs…

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Christ that’s adorable.

If it helps swing it, insurance has actually saved us quite a lot of money in the long run. Think I’ve probably said it before in this thread but Petplan have been really good. Cover a comprehensive range of issues, pay quickly.


Argh, for pet insurance to be worth it you need it in place for day 1. Being badly organised I didn’t get insurance for Sacha until he was several months old and had needed a major (££££) operation for an obstruction. So not only did I have an astronomical vet bill, but I have loads of exemptions on my policy.

If they have a healthy amount of savings that they are prepared to use in case of emergency then fair enough (insurance companies are horrible), but if not it’s a no-brainer.

Also :heart_eyes:

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They do have savings but if the dog ever had a big bill they’d complain about the cash, say they’re going to have the animal put to sleep, then pay up all the money and look after it like it was a sick child :grin: they did this with the cat before also

Pet insurance is good because even if you’ve got enough savings to pay for any expensive treatment your pet needs, it takes the decision out of your hands. Like if your pet needs treatment costing X thousand pounds, which will probably work, but might not, and the alternative is that they’ll need to be put down, even if you’ve got that £Xk, that might be a really tough decision about whether you can afford to spend it on a treatment that could fail. Whereas if the insurance will cover it, that’s the decision made.

Yes you’ll probably spend more on insurance than you would on vet bills, that’s how they make their money, but it stops you having to be the person to put a £ value on your pet’s life at a difficult time


We actually set a coupe of our walking routes to take in local window dogs.

Generally tend to be beagles too.


pet insurance for this one has been one of the best decisions we made. We would have spent a small fortune or had to make an awful decision otherwise.


All of the above.

My gf was faced with that sort of choice a couple of years ago when her cat was run over. He had a badly broken back leg which needed a titanium rod implanting, otherwise it would be the end for him. 2-and-a-half grand vet bill… she obviously paid the money but the loan is still being paid for now

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Yeah, I’ve got a greyhound!

I think it’s just a mix of breed trait and because he was a racer, but Murphy has very little recall when he’s off a lead. He knows he is being called (he does little looks back) but decides he doesn’t want/need to hear. I’m lucky to be able to take him to a friend’s farm to have a run in one of their enclosed fields.

You can always find fields for hire by the hour if you want them to have a good run, maybe with other hounds.

Most hounds (greys, lurchers, whippets) get dead excited to see each other, so we have a WhatsApp group round here for joint walks and will hire fields if lockdown eventually ends. But i wouldn’t say they need regular runs to stay fit, it’s just something they enjoy.

Tbh though, there are quite a few greyhounds round here and only a few of them go off lead at the park. A couple of those have owners who are just happy to leg it after them

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Murphy has been pretending he doesn’t like the caterpillar for weeks, but today I found him cuddled up with it.




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Anyone got any tips for Copraphagia? eating their own poo

Hurley does it all the time so we have to be really quick getting it and sometimes he bites us

When will my husband return from the war?


Is Hurley a pup? I think it tends to be a phase they can go through.

Scout is very much inclined to pick up everything (so much trash on the walks we take him on unfortunately) and from 3 to 4 months would go for other dogs poo. Made him ill a couple of times. The savior was we did manage to teach him ‘drop’ very young so as long as we saw him in time it was ok. He’s 5 months old now and fingers crossed hasn’t gone for poo in a month or so.

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Really don’t want our dog jumping onto the sofa. Any tips?

Yeah he’s only 4 months so hopefully he grows out of it. I’ll try and increase leave & drop training too. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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struggle to stop them for a bit, and then give up is the best I can offer. In our house it went something like this: “don’t let her up on the sofa” to “don’t let her up on the nice sofa” to “if she goes on the sofa try to put a blanket down first” to “oh she’s on the sofa again” to “here girl (pats cushion), come and sit on the sofa with me”


You know the rule in this thread: pics first and then you get tips.

(lots of perseverance and rewards for when they sit/lay nicely on the floor I guess)