Dog thread 🐾🐶🐕🐾

They’re really into wrestling at the moment. I keep finding Ludo on his back holding toys the way he does Mochi, as if it’s a real need for him!


Oh my god :joy::heart_eyes::sob:

How do you get ANYTHING done with them around?!


It’s actually impossible! He’s an obnoxious boy, she’s sassy as hell, and on top of that they’re both ridiculously cute!

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I would simply quit my job

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Willow tore her leg completely open in the woods. The skin was just hanging there with the flesh all exposed. She’s at the emergency vet now getting stitches under general anaesthetic. They said she should be fine but I can’t stop worrying. I feel so sick just waiting for my phone to go. I wish I could be there with her.

Ah man so sorry to hear that! Dogs are very silly billies but they’re pretty hardy and built for rough and tumble, so I’m sure she’ll be back in no time giving you the puppy eyes looking for sympathy for her bandage :heart:


It’s really shaken me because I live next to the woods and they run through it every day and even though it’s full of sticks, rocks, tree stumps etc you just never think something like that would happen. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get the confidence to let them off lead in the woods again. Even though there’s been years without any problems. If it was a few centimetres off it would have torn through her chest instead.

Have gone to bed as even though I’m sick with worry I’m so tired that I will probably fall asleep. Have set a few alarms for the next couple of hours just in case I miss a call.

Vet said she needs to have a couple of weeks with no walks at all, but at least she’s fairly relaxed - trying to do two weeks no walks with the spaniel would be impossible.

I’ll update when I’ve heard back from the vet. I know rationally that anaesthetic carries very little risk for a healthy four year old dog, but I still fixate on the tiny % where it goes wrong.


Lots of love, it’s impossible not to worry and think of what if scenarios but be kind to yourself xx


Oh bb Willow :pensive: I’m so sorry, I hope you can at least get some rest. I know the vets will be doing their best for your sweet girl :heart:

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fingers crossed for a full recovery. I’m assuming this is going to mean the cone of shame?


Thank everyone :heart:

Just about to collect her x

Long day :disappointed:

I’ll go into more detail another time but fair to say this has been one of my more traumatic eight hour periods. But she should be okay, and in about three weeks if things go well she’ll be back to normal.

Just waiting for them to sort out get medication and then I can give her a hug.


Under cut, post-stitches so not too gruesome. I’m going to try leaving her downstairs (I’ve blocked the stairs) because she wasn’t settling with me beside her but she’s still whining. It’s breaking my heart. If she’s still crying in ten minutes I’ll go back down but I’m hoping she’ll manage to sleep. I wish I could explain everything to her. I love her so much.


Oh Willow :heart: she’s so brave, as are you, because it must be so traumatic even now. Hope both of you can get some sleep x


I definitely was not brave yesterday when I was crying down the phone on 999 because I was lying in the mud pinning her leg together trying to stem the bleeding and had no idea how we were going to get out of the woods :sweat_smile:

She ended up sleeping well for four hours. She’s very sad and wobbly this morning :disappointed:

That poor precious, you are both really brave and brilliant. Xx take it steady today


Yowch! No wonder you were upset! Stay strong guys!

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Please give yourselves extra cuddles from me and I’m guessing the rest of the boards x


Saddest bravest girl :sob: