Dog thread 🐾🐶🐕🐾


This thread is awesome. I love dogs more than imaginable, but cant have one because of stupid life commitments. So annoying.

This weekend I walked two choc labs; one old girl (lovely), one young fella (cool as), then when we got to a pub there was a young Vizsla who was hell bent on being my mate.

Best day.


We took Bramble to the dog groomer today. Evidently he hasn’t had a hair cut in years, it was quite matted in places, and it took the groomer 3 hours!

Still, worth it I’d say:


nuuuuuu look at her :sob:




Breakfast was difficult this morning


This is adorable


Buzz has the fanciest ears I’ve ever seen :blush:


Anyone watching this?


I very much will be and nearly wept at the trailer so will be a complete mess


Did the first episode yesterday. There’s definitely some sad bits but wouldn’t say it’s pure snotty, teary mess type material. Unsure how the rest of the series will go but there are a LOT of good boys and good girls in it!


I didn’t know about this. That’s this evening sorted!


How is Bramble?


He was in a bad way yesterday (blurred because of unpleasantness) - he was vomiting, passing blood and shaking uncontrollably.

After a horrendous night with him Saturday I was genuinely worried.

The vet thinks that he’s just been a stereotypical spaniel, though, and eaten something (god knows what) that he shouldn’t have. We’re monitoring him for a couple of days and then taking him back for a check up. He already seems a little more sprightly today.


I watched the first episode. I thought it was a bit boring and not enough good boys or good girls for my liking. There were some REALLY GOOD good boys/girls moments, but just not enough! I think I ultimately just wanted a youtube compilation with no dumb humans in.


Great news that he’s bouncing back. My brother in law’s cocker had a similar episode recently and made a full recovery. Fingers crossed he gets better soon.


Ah man that must have been scary. Hope the big bear feels better soon!


So, the dog search is currently on hold (although I’m still browsing every day because it makes me happy). But, my mum has now said she wants to get a specific type of crossbreed and a puppy, rather than an older dog.

Does anyone have any tips on finding a proper breeder/stuff to look out for? I did some internet searching and there is one place in Essex that seem really knowledgeable, and they’ve stated they aren’t planning their next litter until late next year which shows they’re not forcing their dogs to churn out pups…

@wonton I think I remember you saying how impressed you were with your dog’s breeder? How did you find them?


and obv once I get my own place I am adopting all the poor old doggies to look after <3


So, we actually used …which, as the most popular uk website, is probably rife with concerning situations such as puppy farms, so I’m not sure I should be recommending it! The trick is to read up on the signs of a good/bad breeder (easy enough to google, and you’ll find something like this:

The biggest thing for us was to be patient and not feel as though asking too many “blunt” questions would jeopardise our chance of getting the ideal dog. A breeder should actually be happy that you are concerned about details, as they want they’re dogs to be well-homed. I would definitely be wary if they are in any way defensive, personally. Of course…this is harder when the breed you’re after isn’t very common…but then spending an extra few months diligently searching is worth it when their lifespan are usually 10-15 years.

It sounds a bit vague the best thing is to try and go with your gut for how genuine somebody is, and to try and stay disciplined!

Unhelpful bit: Since getting Martha…I have also thought about how also those puppies with “bad breeders” (or even those runts of the litter) still need loving homes too…so sometimes I wonder if it’s essentially the “right” thing to do. Personal choice, I guess…in our case I tell myself that we’ve actually had a lot of trial/error with Martha…which has luckily not had a lasting impact because she has such a relaxed/happy nature. With a nervy dog it could’ve been different…so it probably is best to be particular at first. We’d feel ready to get a rescue next, having learned from our mistakes (hopefully!)


My dog appears to be expanding his reading choices…