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Lol, my nephew has had a haircut and it looks like he’s ready for his first day of school or something


All tucked in. Big day tomorrow - first training class!

Edit: yeah her crate is massive, we got it v wrong


Ended up being hugely traumatic for both of us :cry:


Not an expert by any means but something I’ve learned from the last 12 months is that there are good days and bad days. Those bad days can seem incredibly traumatic for your dog at the time but they can be amazingly resilient too.

Also, with Molly, some of the more traumatic days seemed to really teach her some things too which overall has been a positive for her behaviour.

Basically, and without knowing the details, don’t worry too much.


Also, again, without knowing what happened, most dog trainers are pretty rubbish with humans (I know people who have left dog training classes in tears before). It’s a long process and one difficult day isn’t really going to make any difference to the end result.



Thanks both, you’ve definitely made me feel a bit better.

Yeah, you can add me to that list. Just sobbed in the car for ages with my mum trying to calm me down. :roll_eyes:

whinging goes here

Backstory: On Friday I introduced Misty to my cousin’s dog Barney (the chocolate goldendoodle who I post all the time), and it started out really well. they were sniffing each other on their leads and wagging their tails, Misty rolled over for him… but then their leads got tangled, and Barney, loveable big oaf that he is, accidentally trod on her. After that Misty wouldn’t go near him and ran away crying. We were in a rush so then had to leave almost immediately after and didn’t get a chance for her to get comfy around him again.

Since then Misty has completely freaked out when she sees other dogs, so you can imagine what a state she was in at puppy class. She cried, ran over to the door whenever she could, hid behind my legs or would go and find my mum. It made doing the training really hard and after about 5 minutes I just entered a panic attack that was sustained for the whole hour.

The woman was harsh as you can expect, she also pulled me out as an example of doing things wrong with your puppy (once when I was telling Misty to calm down when another dog was trying to say hello; another time when I picked her up because she was stuck between three other dogs and too frightened to move) which made me feel worse. Plus Misty was the only one who didn’t come to me in recall training. She just about managed to do heel, sit and down but that’s because I couldn’t concentrate on what was being said by the teacher.

And I was frustrated because even though my mum will try to train her with me, my stepdad and his uncle just aren’t interested and won’t listen at all. They think indulging her in bad behavious like jumping etc then screaming NO at her constantly when she does it somewhere they don’t like is enough, even when we’ve made them watch videos where people say that’s what you shouldn’t do. So this class is only gonna be 50% effective, if that.

I felt like I was everyone who people say shouldn’t have dogs. I’m incredibly anxious and panicky, I’m really soft and a pushover with humans, let alone animals. I like picking up my dog. She’s a cavapoo, meant to be one of the easiest dogs to train, and she runs riot in my house. I feel like I’ve failed this poor dog who could’ve gone to owners who could train her properly. instead she’s with me , inherited all of mine and my family’s anxiety and panic, because I selfishly wanted a dog but am not fit to have one.

Hopefully goes without saying that I’m not intending to give her up or anything because I love her with my life :heart:


Sorry to read that you’ve gone through this. Please remember, though, that it is still very early days. Training a dog takes a lot of time (mine certainly did). The best thing that you can be doing for Misty right now is to give her a loving home - which you’re achieving in abundance.


Agree with @weeber. It’s a very slow process and sometimes the set backs make you feel like you’re going backwards not forwards. Considering how young she is I think you’re doing fine. You are NOT failing her and you are not being selfish.

My (unsolicited) advice would be to work on socialisation before taking her back to class (if that’s possible). Lots of treats and familiarity with friendly dogs (or other puppies) is the best start. Are you able to get in contact with her siblings owners? Maybe arrange a meet up? That would be a great way to rebuild her confidence in other dogs.


Not the first person to say it, but you just need time to work at it. It’s all new for both of you. Also remember that every dog is different, and some are more open to persuasion than others. Mine has no recall at all and can’t go off lead because she will murder small fluffy or feathered things any chance she gets, but we work with it and she’s still great (also we didn’t get her till she was seven or so, and really set in her ways).


Poor cold pup :disappointed_relieved:


Molly has new fav position sat on my lap while I work


Bramble had to have a haircut, and is now literally half the size.

He looks like a puppy.


Did he come back smelling AMAZING? I love that smell


If anything the smell is a little overpowering. He has a very strong aroma of old lady talcum powder about him.


Pup remains Poor Cold Pup :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


worth reading for anyone who might take their dog on holiday


@HotBeefTrauma @maggieloveshopey
Thanks so much. I’m sorry if it seems like I’m constantly moaning or feeling sorry for myself but talking to you all really does help loads. :slight_smile:

With socialisation we’ve been trying to introduce her to other dogs when we’re out walking, although she is still very scared. She seems to like our neighbour’s yorkie though, although the feeling is NOT mutual, haha.

I don’t think I can get the details of the other litter owners sadly, because that would be a lovely idea. Think some of the puppies went quite far away too. The guy did say if I was ever in the area I could bring her to hang out with her mum and auntie (the german shepherd) but we’re not going there for another few weeks.

Hopefully the more she goes to this class and sees the same dogs the more confident she’ll get. I’m not expecting a rosette in 7 weeks time, though :smiley:


Anyway, more importantly:


It’s like, how much more pathetic could this be? And the answer is none. None more pathetic.