Dog v Seagull

Poor old Gizmo. Not sure Ornithologist Peter Rock has helped the healing process for Gizmo’s owners either.

Mr Rock, from the University of Bristol, said: “If you have a very tiny little dog I suggest you don’t let it run around in your back garden… it may well become a meal.”

sage advice from a prominent academic


That dog’ll be long dead by now

wondered what pete rock was up to these days

This is really sad :frowning:


seagulls are absolute menaces, regularly see them chomping down on pigeon carcasses in Brighton. You’ve got to have absolutely titanium bollocks to walk down the street openly holding food

this is a less fun and less sensible solution that making fully armoured spiked suits for all toy dog breeds

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I’ve got a huge prejudice against chihuahuas, don’t see the point of them. They don’t even look cute. Am I wrong?

Saw a man walking a great dane and a tiny chihuahua earlier, made my day

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OMG trigger warning???

(no, my dog was not kidnapped by a seagull but it is my constant terrifying nightmare that one of them will be.)

i suggest never leaving the house while you’re at it.
This is very sad though, fuck that seagull.

interesting to reflect on nature isn’t it?

I was thinking about our emotional attachment to stuff the other day because the foxes that I’m fond of had been in the garden overnight and absolutely annihilated a hedgehog to the point where there was only its spines and skeleton left.

I used to think that but then I got to cuddle one in a dog cafe and actually now I really like them??? Help

Kill all seagulls imo. Don’t think they’re really contributing to any ecosystem.


I know what you mean. I have a pond in my garden, full of toads / frogs (not sure which I’m not Chris Packham) but also have starlings nesting in the garden as well. I’ve picked out three dead baby starlings from the pond over the last few months. Nothing I can do about it. If I put netting over the pond the toads can’t get out. Just have to let these things happen I guess.

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Netting under the nest but above the pond?

Or leave some tiny armbands and a rubber ring at the edge of the water.

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Thread title sounds like a Ken Loach remake of Eagle Vs Shark.

nest isn’t above the pond. I guess they are trying to find their flying wings and failing :sob:

do you like them so much you’ve trained your pet seagull to steal one for you ? per chance ?