Looks pretty good

sure, i’d glance at that


Feel like it’s about time a big name did a dog film and I’m glad it’s Tatum

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Can’t be as good as Turner & Hooch though can it


Is Channing or Tatum playing the dog?

Probably not, no

Not a bad post, in fairness to it

was just thinking, it’s been a long time since a naughty dog movie, the dog movies of the 21st century seem to be of the more sentimental variety

Cats and Dogs was pretty “cheeky” imho

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There’s a really terrible line delivery by Jeff Goldblum in that film that still gets stuck in my head sometimes

Got John Cena mixed up with Channing Tatum recently

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This fits the bill

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please do expand

just looked this up on wiki, was not prepared for this paragraph

He plays the dad and he’s trying to half-heartedly encourage his son who’s about to play a football (soccer) match and so he makes up this little song on the spot that goes “our team will win the lot! your team ain’t doodly-squat!”

really terrible

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It’s kind of a wild film

i thought tatum was doing alright for himself?

this looks like some straight to dvd fodder you’d do when the debt collectors start knocking

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Here is the trailer for the motion picture, Dog.

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Nah, it looks pretty good

Yeah, this’ll do