Don’t think there was a thread but Melee was maybe my album of 2020 and they’re touring here next summer. Reckon they’ll be a properly excellent live band.



And doing an actual proper Irish tour. Fair play.

Melee was also my album of 2020 so I’m delighted to see this thread. I still listen to it regularly and it still bangs. The stuff I’ve seen online suggests they’re incredible live too, so will try to get to the London show if I can. Was listening to Retirement Party the other day, on the back of them touring with Dogleg in the US, and I liked it too - FFO The Beths

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Somehow totally passed me by. Cheers @Aggpass this is a great album. Very Cap’n jazz in places.
Bristol date seems to be some kind of all dayer festival

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Cheers for the tour info. Going to get tickets for the Glasgow show!
Melee is an incredible album.

Got my ticket for Glasgow.

Man this album still does it for me

They’ve just put a statement out on Twitter. On hiatus and tour cancelled.

The singer has made a statement around past/recent behaviours. I don’t know if this thread needs an SSP tag, or how to go about doing that if people think it does.

I don’t want to engage with this band any further, but felt it was worth making people aware as I’ve not seen this widely reported (yet)

Yikes. Just had a look through some of the stuff on twitter. Bin

Thanks for bringing this up in the thread btw, not sure how long it’d have taken me to find out otherwise

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