Dogs and cats

Another lowest common denominator type poll for you. Disregard any allergies for answers:

  • I like both cats and dogs equally
  • I love cats and quite like dogs
  • I love dogs and quite like cats
  • I love cats and hate dogs
  • I love dogs and hate cats
  • I am indifferent to animals and might as well be dead
  • I hate both animals and am a terrible person

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I love both, but would be more inclined to get a cat, just because they are less of a commitment than a dog.


Quite like cats, feel equal amounts of positive and negative things about dogs

This, but actually I’m quite allergic so this is all a fantasy anyway, so let’s pretend I’d be fine picking up dog shit every day for the next decade and say that I’d like a boxer or staffy named Doug.

I like dogs a lot but have never lived with one so I guess just haven’t had that connection with one yet.

Basically cats are the best, but if there’s a dog about I’d give it attention but dogs are just a bit dull at the end of the day. You have to pick up their shit, and as said above a dog is a massive commitment. You can just leave a cat for a week and have your neighbor feed it and it’ll be fine. A dog would go mad though.

Basically cats are the best
Dogs are neutral

I love cats and would happily own a cat if I didn’t live so near to a main road.

I like dogs but wouldn’t fancy owning one. Other people’s dogs are fine, as long as they’re not too smelly or yappy.

Some people I lived with for a few months got a boxer puppy just as we were all moving out. Lovely dog, but they hadn’t quite nailed the toilet training yet. Good thing there were wooden floors really.

They’re incredibly stupid animals. I love them.

Dogs are a great bunch of lads.

Cats are mostly shit - based on the cat population of my street, I’d say only 1 in 8 cats are decent.

I used to spend a lot of time with an incredibly stupid dalmatian growing up. (Didn’t belong to my family, belonged to a family friend who used to do a lot of childcare).

Dalmatians are famously dense anyway, but this dog was possibly the stupidest going. He was very loveable though, so it didn’t matter so much that he couldn’t learn any commands and had flummoxed several dog trainers, and would try to get on your lap when he was huge, and regularly got stuck behind furniture and howled to be rescued.



Can I just say for all their mysteriousness and perceived independence, cats are infinitely more stupid than dogs. Still great though.


Did anyone watch that show on Channel 5 the other night about the most clever dogs in the country and also there was a racoon?

i’ve got it recorded, was gonna ask if you’d seen it once i’d watched it :heart:

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:heart: ^5

two different people have told me about the racoon

The lady who owned the racoon was as mad as a box of frogs, no spoils but there’s a bit where she took it into Hamleys to get some toddler development toys


Oh and also killed a duck at the park once mostly by scaring it to death by being too excited, which was mortifying for the owners, and I think they had to pay some kind of fine.

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You forgot the most important option:
#living together… mass hysteria!