Dogs on Planes


In the US dogs are allowed on internal flights without any hassle (I believe), which led to this unhappy man:

Would you be happy or unhappy to have a dog next to you on a plane?

No Samuel L Jackson jokes, please


Lovely bo(eing)tie.


If it were quiet and chilled out, no problem.


Absolutely delighted obviously


A Samuel L Jackson sequel I can really get behind


It depends on the dog, I would be ecstatic with that dog next to me!! A Doberman not so much.


It truly breaks my heart thinking about poor Gary Fisher being on the plane alongside Carrie Fisher when she had her heart attack :cry:




Samuel L Jackson was, famously, not behind that film mate, keep up.


I should have added another blurred bit about not making jokes about the recent horror film too.


Cats on Bicycles



Can this be real?


Just noticed his bow tie, what a gent.





Think they allow them internationally too, or rather they let them on in America and when they arrive here they just pay the fine like it’s a fee, seems implausible with quarantine and stuff but someone who works in an airports animal section told me this


This Tweet explains:


I would not like this at all.


I already read a full explanation (he’s fudging the truth there tbh), but that wasn’t the point Theo.