Dogs on Planes

I just felt like you were making this guy out to be an evil dog-hater. I wasn’t sure he was.

I am cool with dogs on planes. But I can’t imagine them taking it for more than a few hours?

Im going to say something many of you will not like, but is true and necessary…
There are far, far too many dogs nowadays, like everyone has a fucking dog. Now I like dogs, but there are too many, so I would propose that 99% are put down so that we can “reset” the number to a manageable level. Same for cats. It will also soften the blow for the human population management proposals I have. I know I have your vote on this

You are a bad person


The first time I went to Japan there was a dog sat next to me, unfortunately he was in a cage though and all I could think about was when he was going to get a chance to go to the toilet.

Someone has to be the “bad guy” for the good of everyone. I have your interests at heart in this Anypocalypseknow, please


I don’t think this is even close to being true.


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  1. What a lovely dog.

  2. I thought that tweet was by the author of the book I’m currently reading and not enjoying AT ALL, but that’s Mark Helprin.

Oh, he CLEARLY is a dog hater, he just did a tonne of back tracking when the internet inevitably jumped on him.

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Considering we’re all going to drown in 100 years because we like aerosol cans so much I think we might as well go down surrounded by as many daft animals as possible.

Which would be worse (most obvious answer ever)

  • Sat next to a dog on a long haul flight
  • Sat next to a baby on a long haul flight

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It’s better to sit next to a dog anywhere but sitting next to a baby is also fine and sometimes good.

That’s fine

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(I did actually have to do an 8 hour night flight next to a crying baby and go straight to work from the airport after 24 hours in transit once and it actually wasn’t fine but you know, nothing can be done about it is there, they’re just people after all)

Flights are just LOUD and uncomfortable full stop. I have always had to play music to have any hope of a bit of sleep. Yeah.

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I refuse to vote.

So this dog thing was relevant to me because I took my baby on her first flights this weekend (and she was remarkably fine). When we sat down on the first flight I saw the guy next to me text a friend “What’s worse sitting next to a fat guy or a baby?”

Still not sure if I was the fat guy or not.

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Wow, what a thunderchoad.

What a prick