Doing 360s for people that you barely know (appraisal/360/moaning thread)

is the mother fucking pits!

They’ve turned me into a liar! How does that affect the pillar of true you bastards!

In my day we called them “doughnuts”.

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ours are anonymous so I don’t do them anymore.

also someone was a dick to me last year claiming I always took food into meetings and I was more interested in the food than the meeting.


|\i just write positive lies. It would have to be a right twat for me to say anything negative.

our whole appraisal process got changed this year so instead of getting feedback from all sorts of people, you now get feedback from one person 4 times a year, always someone more senior, and the feedback consists of two questions rated on a scale of 1 to 5. makes it much easier to do obviously, but it’s completely meaningless as everyone gets a 5 for both questions.

I hope this sick ollie will set the foundation for our growing acquaintance


Shittest form of feedback/appraisal going

Why is it called 360?

To match the exact number of days in a year.