Doing a pre-emptive online order

I’m back in the land of England on 3rd February. Is there anything more exciting than the pre-emptive online shop that arrives when you get back?

No. Didn’t think so.

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It’s like you’re in a race with the supermarket to get back first

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You could place you order whilst on a rollercoaster?

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No thanks, I don’t like rollercoasters

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i ordered a record to collect from Newcastle when I next visit … in 2 months time

is this similar?


If you want it to be then yes jaggy p.


Phoning up a pizza delivery when you’re half an hour drive away from home exhilerating


Make sure you actually order it for the 3rd of Feb and not tomorrow…

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I did this when I returned from visiting my parents! Ordered a proper feast! Felt very decadent… because I ordered lots of decadent things.

What will you be ordering tilts?

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There’s lots more exciting things but I can’t think of them right now