Doing a shift at work without sleep (definitive thread)


have you done this? do you do it often?

couldn’t sleep at all last night and I’m literally dying at my desk right now. this last happened ages ago, thought I’d gotten over it by now.

ah well. just have to push through until 4, plenty of coffee and cigarettes ought to help. usually gets hardest in the early afternoon innit. feel like I’m too old for this tbh. once I’m home I’m going to put something on Netflix and go to sleep.

tell me about your sleep/work related issues.


m9, go home


Yeah don’t be a silly billy, you’re not Hunter Thompson.

Edit: directed at OP, but agreeing with GP


do this about 10% of the time lol whatamilike


Not everyone can “just go home” from work lads


We do 2 sets of days and 2 sets of nights. Usually before my first night shift after 20 days of ‘normal’ hours, I’m awake at about 7am. Try and have a nap in the afternoon before I go in, but don’t actually get any sleep. So that usually ends up being around 26 hours of no sleep.


Used to it fairly often in my 20s - wasn’t fun but managed to drag myself through. Couldn’t do it now though - combination of older + more feeble + actual real job means unless I get a good 8 hours it’s very unproductive


Did it once when I was 18, stayed up all night playing Sims then realised it was getting light and figured there was no point going to sleep, so I kept playing Sims to stay awake until my next shift


Didnt sleep till about 6 last night then woke every 20 mins it seemed

Drink a lot of water


luckily it’s dead this morning but I have no idea what I’m going to do from 11 or so onwards when it’ll pick up speed.


The answer is the last 3 words in your post




Also try and and be a bit active. Get up and have a walk to the kitchen/toilet somewhere. Sounds silly but itl keep you energied


Nearly made this thread myself at half 4 this morning haha


Bit obvious but coffee all day and some short walks.
It’s a killer though… hope u get through the day ok and if all comes to all see if u can pull a sickie half way through the day.


but which one was the real life ???1?!?!


Ignore people sayng do a sickie! Its not worth it. Its just one day to get through and it wont look good going home first day after bank holiday.


Energised obvs


when I went to Washington DC years ago I didn’t have any time off between getting back and then going to work, can’t remember if I had any sleep but if I did it was minimal and I had maximum jetlag.

I remember watching videos on YouTube of how to beat the 2nd season cheat driver on Super Monaco GP on the Mega Drive and how it fucks with the game if you do, and probably other similar things, but I did not do anything close to actual real work that day.


Used to do this a bit back when wednesday was the new friday but absolutely no chance now.

I have fallen asleep on a phone call to a customer before as a result of this. Woke up with a jolt and just slammed the phone down.