Doing a wee

What do you call doing a wee?

Not like stupid over-the-top terms like ‘painting the porcelain with the pink pistol’ or something, just your actual term for “I am going for a wee now”.

  • I am going for a wee
  • I am going for a piss
  • I am going to ‘do’ a wee
  • I am going to ‘do’ a piss
  • I am going to ‘take’ a piss
  • One of the above with ‘slash’ (elaborate)
  • One of the above with ‘wazz’ (elaborate)
  • One of the above with ‘whizz’ (elaborate)
  • Tinkle
  • Other (elaborate)
  • I do not inform people of my toilet habits

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Normally don’t say anything.

If I have to: “I’m going to the loo”.


I’m going for a widdle.

“Use the toilet” is my go to phrase.

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:left_speech_bubble: just have to nip to the toilet - ma0sm

Going for a pat cash

Or going for a wee wee, because I’m a child.

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‘To the toilet’. let them guess


love the use of “nip” in this context, makes it seem so frivolous. Also “pop”.

geoff hurst

Much better than “I am going to pop in the toilet”.


Other: ‘Nip to the loo’ or ‘need a pee’

Also curious about what is elaborate about having a wazz?

drain the python.

Once knew a guy who called it that thinking he was cool

wet the lettuce


(elaborate) in brackets was asking the pollee to elaborate (verb) rather than saying that they are elaborate (adjective).

was he trying to insinuate that he had a big dick?

Probably something to do with the small tongue sticking out of the end.

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love to see a weird picture of a dick snake with a big tongue now, like some kind of iron maiden cover.

  • I’m going to the whizz palace

  • I’m going to empty my dick

  • Other/nothing if more formal setting

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Depends who I’m with. Often ‘going for a piss’ but I’ll say ‘I’m going to the toilet’ in more polite company